Take Your Cooking To The Next Level With The Right Salt

Woman sprinkling salt on food while cooking
Being one of the most widely-used seasonings on the planet, using the right type of salt can have an enormous impact on how your recipe will turn out. It’s the little difference in turning a good meal into a great dish, and can be found in several different levels of... [read more]

See Which Toyota Highlander Trim Is Best For You!

2021 Toyota Highlander
When it comes to shopping for your new SUV, you want to get the right vehicle that will fit your everyday needs. The all-new 2021 Toyota Highlander is making it easy when it comes to personalizing and customizing your vehicle, and you can drive with confidence knowing that you’ll be... [read more]

Create New Habits For Success

Shot of a young man brushing his teeth while looking into the bathroom mirror
For millions of Americans, nighttime can be one of the most difficult times of the day. Long days spent at work or taking care of children can really leave you exhausted, with little to no willpower toward the end of the day.  That is exactly why having an intentional nighttime routine... [read more]

Start Your Year Off With A Delicious Brunch

Fresh homemade Cinnamon rolls or Cinnamon buns
Ahh, the new year. It’s a fresh slate and your chance to get a new lease on life. Therefore, you want to try to start it the best way possible. Wondering how to do that? Well, if you love to eat as much as the next person, it might be... [read more]

5 Easy Tips For Cleaning Up After The Holidays

Man wearing cleaning gloves cleaning the fridge
The holidays are one of the most wonderful times of the year. You get to spend time with loved ones, and it’s a chance to celebrate. However, one thing that isn’t so great about the holidays? The fact that you have to clean up afterward. It’s always a mess, and... [read more]

The Model Options Are Endless In A Toyota Corolla

2021 Toyota Corolla
As one of the most popular vehicles in the world, you’ll see Corollas everywhere. And there’s a good reason for that. Not only are they super reliable and dependable, but they also come with a ton of great features that consumers have come to expect from Toyota. But if you’ve... [read more]

5 Easy Tips To Stay Productive And Focused While Working From Home

Woman on video conference with co-workers
Have you found yourself working from home a lot more lately? If so, you’re not alone. For some people, working from home is the best thing ever. They find that they get more done and love spending more time at home. However, others find it challenging. Whether you’re struggling to... [read more]

Get Into The Spirit With This Holiday Playlist

A young woman is using a mobile phone and wireless headphones outdoor during Christmas
Get into the holiday spirit with this Christmas playlist curated by the fine folks at Good Housekeeping.  "White Christmas" by Bing Crosby What would Christmas be without Bing? So many great memories are tied to his deep, dreamy voice. With an estimated 50 million copies sold worldwide, “White Christmas” is the best-selling... [read more]

The Ultimate Holiday Dinner Shopping List

Close up of unrecognizable woman preparing rice with vegetables for Thanksgiving dinner in the kitchen.
One of the hardest parts of planning your family holiday meal is getting in and getting out of the grocery store with everything you need in one trip. That’s why we use this handy grocery list to simplify our holiday planning and make sure nothing gets missed. Here is a... [read more]

Check Out These RAV4 Trims

2020 Toyota RAV4
Why is the Toyota RAV4 one of Toyota’s most popular SUVs? For one, the number of trim level choices gives families choices to customize the vehicle according to their needs at an affordable price tag. Let’s explore and compare the different available trim levels on the 2021 RAV4.  Trim Options The 2021... [read more]