Have The Time Of Your Life At Nashville Shores

Man's feet riding down a water slide
The Nashville, Tennesse summertime heat can be quite brutal. Instead of keeping the kids inside to stay cool, head on over to Nashville Shores Lakeside Resort to make a splash! Including an all-famous waterpark, lake rentals, treetop adventure park, and even lodging accommodations, you are bound to have a fun-filled... [read more]

Shop ‘Til You Drop At These Unique Stores

Pop music posters and records in a vinyl record shop
It's no secret that Nashville's shopping scene is bumpin'. But, it's also no secret that shopping at the same few places over and over again can get boring. Don't worry, we got you. We found this extremely interesting guide to some of the hottest spots in Nashville, and now we... [read more]

Toyota Car Maintenance Tips

Technician working on an oil change
If you are a proud Toyota owner, it's no secret your vehicle was built to last. Equipped with the right parts and created by the smartest automotive designers, Toyota vehicles just keep getting better and better. Although, every vehicle requires proper maintenance, so take a look at this list to... [read more]

Biscuit Love Is Ready To Serve You

Homemade Buttermilk Biscuits in a Cast Iron Skillet
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? If you are in the Nashville area, you have probably heard all about Biscuit Love, a local and family-owned business, serving up delicious breakfast and lunch. Although, this restaurant is far more than a load of scrumptious biscuits, as they... [read more]

Get Your Home Looking Right With These DIY Home Improvement Ideas

Close up of painting kitchen cabinets white.
Freshening up your home doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive, especially with the right tools and tips. If you love a good DIY project, we have some great home improvement ideas you can do on any budget. Freshen Up Your Walls If your walls are looking washed out and ready for... [read more]

Delight Your Taste Buds With These Spring Beverage Ideas

Two people clink their glasses full of refreshing lemonade and pink lemonade together while sitting at a table outside.
The sun can be brutal in the south. The only way to stay refreshed in the warm weather is to keep hydrated. Although, water, soda, and juices can get boring after a while. Let’s take a look at some ways you and your taste buds can stay refreshed in the... [read more]

Keep Your Vehicle Pollen Free This Season

Detail of black car covered with layer of pollen
Winter is finally over. The warm sunshine and fresh blooming flowers can be found throughout Tennessee, but so can pollen. We may not be able to give much advice on spring allergies, but we can make sure you know how to clean your car properly when pollen hits. Take a... [read more]

Master Your Grilling This Spring

Mother and daughter making barbecue in the backyard.
Spring is the perfect time to break out your grill and enjoy creating your favorite meals outdoors for you and your family. Since it has probably been a few months since you may have used your grill last, we have some helpful tips we think will make your grilling experience... [read more]

Creative Outdoor Games To Try This Season

Family playing in the back yard together.
Are you looking for some new ways to have fun outside this season? Check out these popular DIY outdoor game ideas, and then get ready to have a blast in your backyard with the fam. Giant Jenga Playing with a regular-sized Jenga set is fun, but you can increase the enjoyment by... [read more]

Take A Walk Around Nashville

Close up shot of runner's shoes
Nashville is full of gorgeous green spaces that are perfect for stretching your legs while enjoying nature. With so many parks, picking one for a walk can be a bit overwhelming. Check out some of the best parks in Nashville, and then make plans to get some fresh air. Beaman Park Sitting... [read more]