5 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Car

Woman detailing her car interiorSummer is always a busy time and the last thing you want to do is deep clean your car. So, get it out of the way now with these helpful tips to restore your car to its shining self.

Remove Junk & Trash

The first thing you’re going to want to do is to remove all of the trash from your vehicle. Once that’s done remove all non-essential items from your car. That means backpacks, floating pens, coffee mugs, and anything else that clutters your vehicle.


This is a pro tip. One of the best ways to make your car look like it’s been professionally detailed is to clean out your car’s compartments and clean them with disinfectant wipes. The obvious ones are your center console, cupholders, and dashboard compartments. But don’t forget your side door cupholders and your glovebox. Gloveboxes and center consoles tend to be a wasteland of trash and useless papers like receipts and your resume from 2017. 


The windows in your car are not only important to see clearly out of for safety, but they also make your car look well kept. The most neglected part of window cleaning is the inside. Sure, it’s important to remove the bug splatter and smudges on the outside, but it’s equally important to erase the fingerprints and smudges on the inside of your windows. Also, don’t forget the inside of your windshield!


This one’s easy, vacuum out your car. This includes the floorboards, mats, seats, and in-between them.

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Trunk & Engine 

The trunk and engine are often two forgotten car cleaning locations. It’s about to be summer, which means you’re going to be in and out of your trunk all of the time. Do yourself a favor and clean it out. Maybe even consider organizing it?

Be sure to also clean under your hood. Check for and remove any unwanted debris from the pockets surrounding your engine. It’s also crucial to clean the engine itself and the surrounding parts.

The last step in every automotive spring clean should be to give your vehicle a tune-up. Take your car into Nashville Toyota North and we’ll get your precious vehicle squared away and ready for summer.