Go Back In Time At ‘Hamilton’


The wait is almost over. “Hamilton” is coming to the Tennessee Performing Arts Center on Dec. 31 through Jan. 19, and tickets are on sale now. Tickets start at $79 and go up to $499. Some performances are already sold out, and seating is limited for others. If you want to attend, grab your tickets today before it’s too late.

You have likely heard a lot of buzz about “Hamilton,” but there are a few more things you should know before you attend.

It Started as a Mixtape

“Hamilton” is known as one of the greatest musicals of all time. However, Lin-Manel Miranda didn’t always envision it as a musical. He was inspired by Ron Chernow’s biography of the same name and thought it would make a great album. He created a mixtape, and the idea evolved into a musical that wowed people on Broadway. The momentum hasn’t stopped, and now national tours are selling out all over the country, including in Tennessee.

Part of the reason people love the show so much? It’s steeped in historical fact. Chernow served as the musical’s historical advisor, so there are lots of interesting facts sprinkled throughout the musical.

The Story

When you watch “Hamilton,” you’ll enjoy a fun and music-filled history lesson that will take you through the Revolution and the formation of the United States of America. The musical begins with Hamilton’s birth in Nevis and follows him as he arrives in the Americas. You will see his many accomplishments and watch his unfortunate death during a dual with rival Aaron Burr.

Along with Hamilton and Burr, the musical focuses on George Washington, Eliza Schuyler, and Thomas Jefferson. You’ll also see some supporting players ranging from King George III to James Madison.

It’s More Than a Hip-Hop Musical

You’ve likely heard people refer to “Hamilton” as a hip-hop musical. Hip-hop might be the main musical genre, but “Hamilton” also incorporates other styles, such as pop, jazz, and rhythm-and-blues. It’s amazing to watch the performers move from one style to the next as the story unfolds. You’ll also notice that some characters have specific musical styles. Take King George, for instance. He reflects the old way of doing things, and his musical style consists of older genres.

Even with the different types of music, hip-hop is the main theme, so get ready to feel the rhythm during the show. It makes the story of “Hamilton” so much fun, especially when George Washington busts out the “Ten Duel Commandments.”

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Getting to the Show

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