Do Some Closet Spring Cleaning

Springtime is here, and the change in seasons signals the perfect time to declutter and spruce up your living space. For many of us, the closet becomes a catch-all depository of things we don’t need, but haven’t thrown away. It might harbor a lot of junk out of sight, out of mind that could be of more use to someone else, so let’s tackle that clutter and clear out your closet!

Sorting Through Your Closet

To determine what you want to keep, consider what remains wearable all year long, like denim jeans, T-shirts, and collared shirts. It makes sense to hold on to a good jacket and some easily layered winter wear like thinner long-sleeved shirts. Shoes tend to be more durable and can weather a gradual change in trends, so they’re generally fine to keep unless they’re falling apart.

Let It Go

When you find articles of clothing that haven’t seen the light of day in more than a year, it’s time to take them out and move on. Fashions change over time, and if going through your closet feels like an archaeological experience, take out the relics that aren’t going to spring back into vogue any time soon.

Nothing Goes to Waste

There’s no point in just throwing away your old clothes, so if you’ve lost interest in some of your previous fashion choices, you can donate them to a local ecumenical shop like the Salvation Army to let someone else update their wardrobe. While you’re loading up items to donate, your friends might appreciate a call to see if there’s anything they might want to take home themselves, and you might even score some new accessories with a fair trade. If you’re parting with designer goods or other high-end apparel, you can also consign them for a little return on that investment. When you encounter articles that are too worn to wear, consider repurposing them as sewing material or cleaning cloth.

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A Fresh Start

After you’ve cleared out your closet, you might feel like it’s time to update what’s in your driveway as well. If you’re ready to hop into something new this spring, come see us at Nashville Toyota North.