Start Your Year Off With A Delicious Brunch

Fresh homemade Cinnamon rolls or Cinnamon buns

Ahh, the new year. It’s a fresh slate and your chance to get a new lease on life. Therefore, you want to try to start it the best way possible. Wondering how to do that? Well, if you love to eat as much as the next person, it might be with a brunch. Doesn’t that sound fun? Check out these delicious brunch recipes that everyone is sure to love.

Everything Bagel Casserole

This is a creative dish that’s sure to get a lot of oohs and aahs when you bring it out to the table because it just looks that good. It’s an everything bagel casserole, and it may just be your new favorite meal. Bagels and a ton of toppings go into a casserole dish and then in the oven to create a mouthwatering breakfast experience unlike any other. Seriously, if you’re going to try any recipe on this list, make it this one.

Classic Cinnamon Rolls

You may not have cinnamon rolls for breakfast every morning, but that’s why they’re perfect for the first day of the new year. It’s an extra-special sweet treat that everyone wants to dig into. It’s a great thing to have on the table if you’re mostly serving savory dishes. You don’t have to do anything fancy here. Undoubtedly, classic cinnamon rolls are sure to wow the whole crowd.

Mini Pancake Stacks

If you want to make something that looks just as cute as it tastes, you have to try these mini pancake stacks. Stack a few tiny pancakes on top of each other, and finish it off with a sausage. To make sure it all stays together, put a toothpick in it. Oh, and don’t forget to dip it in the syrup once you’re done assembling it – it’s going to be fantastic.

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Breakfast Monkey Bread

There’s a good chance you’ve had monkey bread once or twice in your life, but you’ve never had it like this before. Breakfast monkey bread is savory instead of sweet, providing a delicious twist on a classic favorite. This recipe is sure to be a big hit on pretty much any day of the year.

With so many delicious recipes for you to choose from, you’re sure to have an incredible New Year’s Day brunch.