Warm Up At These Local Coffee Spots


Coffee is OK when you make it at home, but it always tastes better at a real shop. Nashville is filled with coffee shops, including a cool cat café. Get the details on the best places to grab a cup of Joe in Nashville.

8th and Roast

What’s not to love about 8th and Roast? The atmosphere is on point, with exposed brick walls, huge tables, and bar seating. The coffee house also has music that’s always at the right volume so you can enjoy the tunes while still talking to friends. And then there’s the coffee. Its iced coffees are a huge hit year-round, but you can also sip on some hot brews if you need to warm up.

D’Andrews Bakery and Café

D’Andrews Bakery and Café has made a name for itself due to its pastries. The freshly baked pastries are so good you’ll want to take some home with you, but don’t forget about the coffee. It has a nice drink menu, including some delicious lattes. Here’s a tip. Get an extra shot in your latte to take it to the next level.

Frothy Monkey

When you walk through the doors at Frothy Monkey, you’ll adore the ambiance. The high ceilings and open space give it a trendy vibe that the people of Nashville love. The food is fresh, and the coffee is on point. Try the hummingbird. It’s espresso, milk, cinnamon, a bit of banana syrup, and pecan syrup, and it’s yummy. Frothy Monkey also specializes in seasonal drinks, so head over a Christmas coffee.

Drug Store Coffee

The next time you see yourself passing the Noelle hotel, stop in to grab a cup of joe at Drug Store Coffee. This gorgeous shop has Scandinavian-style furniture and lots of windows for people watching. The wraparound counter is always full of people seeking a caffeine fix and conversation, and both are always flowing. Be sure to try the cappuccino. It’s perfectly made and will give you a kick to start your day.

Killebrew Coffee

Do you want to enjoy a cup of coffee in a calm and chill atmosphere? Killebrew Coffee it is, then. It might be chill but it’s also trendy, and people love stopping by for a cup. When it gets warmer, you can sit on the outside patio, but for now, you’ll want to grab a spot inside, where the seating is plentiful. There are lots of choices, but it’s hard to beat a latte.

Mewsic Kitty Café

Go for a coffee and leave with a cat. That’s the theme of Mewsic Kitty Café. The café has up to 15 adoptable cats at the café at a time. Schedule a reservation or walk in to spend an hour or so with some cuddly cats while enjoying your drink. You can even have a pastry while you play with the kitties.

Steadfast Coffee

Steadfast Coffee rounds out the list of the best places to go for a cup of Joe. The cafe has indoor and outdoor space and a huge menu to boot. The brûléed late is considered one of the best caffeinated beverages in Nashville, so grab one when you visit.

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Grab a Cup of Joe

Are you ready to take a caffeinated tour of Nashville? Hop in your vehicle and check out each of these coffee shops.