Master Your Grilling This Spring

Mother and daughter making barbecue in the backyard.

Spring is the perfect time to break out your grill and enjoy creating your favorite meals outdoors for you and your family. Since it has probably been a few months since you may have used your grill last, we have some helpful tips we think will make your grilling experience the best one yet.

Clean Your Grill

You may think a charred coat on grates will add to the flavor of your food, but it is actually just dirt that hinders the way your meat cooks and the formation of grill marks. Cleaning your grill inside and out with soap and water is a great way to make sure your grill is ready to be used. Don’t forget to clean the burner tubes, and check the fuel line for cracks.

Purchase High-Quality Meat

If you really want to enjoy your grill and enjoy the taste of your food, try investing in high-quality meat. If you are wanting to cook steak, a little marbling is the best. Bone-in chicken is also a great choice if you enjoy juicy chicken. If you love grilled hot dogs, try using 100% kosher beef.

Try Spiral Cutting Your Hot Dogs

You may think you don’t need to spiral cut your hot dogs, but once you do you won’t be able to stop. When spiral cutting your hot dog, you get an even amount of char and caramelization. Not to mention, the spiral in the meat adds as a pocket for your favorite condiments.

Use Tongs

Instead of using grilling forks, opt for tongs instead. Tongs are sturdy and able to handle heavy meat. Make sure you use one set for uncooked meat and another set for cooked meat to avoid cross-contamination.

Use a Meat Thermometer

Stop slicing and dicing your meat to see if it is done. A meat thermometer will make sure whatever you are cooking is safe to eat without letting all the juices out. After you start using a thermometer you won’t be guessing if your food is overcooked or not cooked enough!

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Foil is Your Friend

Don’t overlook foil when grilling your favorite foods. Grilled foil packets keep the mess to a minimum and the flavor to the maximum!