Nashville Sweet Spots


Whether you like your candy sour, sweet, or somewhere in between, here’s a handful of must-try spots in Nashville to get your fix for all things sugary! So grab a few friends and spend a night on the town shopping for treats to ensure you’ve covered your bases.


Olive & Sinclair Chocolate Co., which has been around since 2007, has such a unique assortment of chocolate that’s sure to have you ripping the wrappers open before you even make it home. The best part? Pure cane brown sugar is the only other ingredient added to the organic cocoa used to make the chocolate, so not only will it taste good, but you’ll feel better about what you’re eating.

Everyone knows that it’s not easy to find the perfect piece of toffee, but Nashville Toffee Company has made it that much easier. After growing up to the smell of her grandmothers’ sweet recipes, Christina McCoy Cohn finally opened her own business with her husband George Cohn in 2003. Since then, they have been making their treats by hand in small batches. Check them out for everything from almond toffee to chocolate discs and bark.


If sodas and sour candies are your thing, Rocket Fizz Soda Pop & Candy Shop has that and then some. Take your pick from thousands of bottled sodas and candy that you can’t find anywhere else! Rocket Fizz has a huge selection of brand sodas, including craft, martian, and gourmet sodas. You can even purchase a gift basket for that special someone in your life as a sweet surprise. Rocket Fizz has the most unique assortment of goods you’ll ever see!

Savannah’s Candy Kitchen could technically fall under both categories, but it won’t matter once you get your hands on their mouth-watering taffy and assorted caramel apples. The saltwater taffy comes in an insane amount of flavors such as vanilla, lime, strawberry, cotton candy, and peach, just to name a few.

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Extra Sweet

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