Pour Your Own Candle At Paddywax Candle Bar


Are you looking for a craft activity for your next ladies’ day out? Or do you love high-quality, aromatic candles? Paddywax Candle Bar is an excellent business with several locations across the country, but the company is based right here in Nashville, Tennessee. All of the candles are mixed and poured at the Nashville factory. Then they are sent to each of the Paddywax Candle Bar shops in 10 different cities. There are two Nashville locations, one in East Nashville and the other in Berry Hill. The passion and dedication from the company owner have resulted in top-of-the-line products that America has fallen in love with. If you haven’t experienced all of the fantastic things about Paddywax Candle Bar, make plans right now to come out and see what the incredible shop has to offer.

All About the Candles

When you shop at Paddywax Candle Bar, you know the products you’re getting are one of a kind and the highest quality. Every one of the small-batch candles is hand-poured into beautiful, decorative vessels that will look perfect in your home. There is something for everyone in the collection, with lots of customizable options. Choose between cotton or wood wicks, and select one of the delightful fragrances, with fresh, spicy, sweet, or woody accents. Do you have a special event or a brand that you would like to advertise? The Paddywax Candle Bar will work with you to create an excellent batch of candles with a beautiful design that will help you stand out.

Candle-Pouring Classes

Have you been looking for a fun way to learn a new craft? Paddywax Candle Bar shows you how simple candle-making really is. Book your seat at one of their popular candle-pouring events now. Bring a group of friends or a significant other, or come out by yourself for this fun, creative activity. All attendees will be able to pick their favorite vessel, find a scent that is perfect for the mood they are trying to create, and see first-hand how the professionals make their candles. You will be able to take your creation home to enjoy, and you will also gain a skill that you can use for years to come.

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Collaborations With Other Local Makers

Paddywax Candle Bar also hosts weekly events with local makers and creatives at each location. Come out and find unique products from a variety of talented vendors. This is an excellent way to support local businesses while also discovering things that you wouldn’t find in other stores.