Make The Best Eggnog In The Neighborhood With This Recipe

Christmas party
Everyone has their own holiday specialty, their go-to dish to bring to potlucks, parties, and gatherings of all kinds that crop up during this time of year. Appetizers, main courses, sides, and desserts all have their place, of course, but what about the beverages? If you've been assigned the less-than-glamorous... [read more]

Go See Nashville’s Nutcracker And Get Inspired By This Classic Holiday Tale

For many, it's just not the Christmas season until they've taken in a performance of the ultimate holiday ballet. You'll find productions of The Nutcracker in just about every city and with just about every twist imaginable – but you won't find another one quite like Nashville's Nutcracker. This production infuses... [read more]

Take A Trip To Whoville With The Nashville Symphony This Holiday Season

Nashville Symphony
Everyone loves the Grinch. Each year, we gather the kids and sit in front of the TV watching the transformation of this Christmas-stealing "nasty wasty skunk" into a Who-loving, holiday-spirit-filled furry green softy. This year, mark your calendars for a special celebration of the Grinch performed by the Nashville Symphony. On... [read more]

Make Plans To See The Hip Hop Version Of The Classic Nutcracker Story

If you were to poll people about their favorite aspects of Christmas, the following would probably rank quite high on the list: Christmas Music Christmas Stories Christmas Lights Christmas Gifts Christmas Movies Do any of these appeal to you? We’re certain that each member of your family would choose a different... [read more]

Get Crafty At The Crafty Nashville Festival

Crafty Nashville Festival
There’s something that’s just so fun about arts and crafts. Whether you like to do crafts yourself or you just like to see the work of people who are creative, you’ll love going to the Crafty Nashville’s Arts & Crafts Market. This festival will feature works from artists, artisans, and... [read more]

Grab A Costume And Join The Nashville Pub Crawl

Pub Crawl
Halloween weekend is always a weekend filled with great activities, candy, and if you’re an adult, maybe even some drinks. But if you’re looking for a way to make this year’s Halloween weekend even more fun and exciting than usual, then you have to come out to the Halloweekend Pub... [read more]

Light Up The Water At The Nashville Water Lantern Festival

Water Lantern Festival
Get ready for one of the most beautiful events of the year. That’s right. The Water Lantern Festival is coming to Nashville, and it’s going to be something you’ll never forget. Just imagine what it will look like when you and everyone else at the festival release their lanterns into... [read more]

Catch A Titans Game At A Local Sports Bar

Sports Bar
It’s finally football season again, and you get to watch your favorite team, the Tennessee Titans, win game after game. But sometimes, it can be boring watching these games at home. Instead, you want to get out of the house and cheer your team onto victory with other people in... [read more]