Must-Have Shoes If You Play Tennis

Male Tennis Player Picking The Ball Up With Racket And Foot

If you play tennis, you understand the importance of lightweight, comfortable, durable, and flexible shoes. Your shoes also need to provide plenty of support, so you can run from side to side with ease. You’ve likely purchased shoes in the past that you thought met your rigorous demands, only to have them fail you one way or another. You won’t have to worry about that if you grab one of these pairs of must-have tennis shoes for men and women.

Nike Air Zoom Vapor X – Available for Men and Women

You might dream of playing like Roger Federer on the court. Mastering his forehand might be an impossible task, but you can wear his shoes when you get the Vapor X. These shoes provide extra cushion at the heal while still maintaining a low profile for mobility. The shoes are also incredibly comfortable and breathable, making them ideal for long matches. Plus, they perform well on all surfaces, so grab a pair and see if your new shoes enhance your game.

Asics Gel-Resolution 8 – Available for Men and Women

Male and female players can also pick up the Asics Gel-Resolution 8. These shoes are highly responsive while providing ample cushioning. The tongue is also designed to keep debris from making its way into the shoes, so if you play on clay, you’ll want to check these out. With such great features, these shoes really stand out regarding durability. Asics even covers the shoes with a six-month outsole warranty. There are so many things to like about these shoes, so consider picking up a pair.

Adidas Courtjam Bounce – Available for Women

Do you like to play tennis for fun, but you don’t expect to be on the pro circuit anytime soon? If so, you want something that’s affordable while still providing ample support. The Adidas Courtjam Bounce is perfect for you. These shoes are comfortable and provide stability, and they offer ample durability for most players. However, if you are an advanced player, you might wear these shoes out in a couple of months.

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New Balance MC 1006 4E – Available for Men

Tennis shoes tend to run on the narrow side, so if you have wide feet, you might feel like you’ve been left out. Fortunately, you can pick up the New Balance MC 1006 4E. These shoes were designed with comfort and performance in mind, and they are also extremely durable and lightweight.

These shoes will help you excel on the court. Whether you are an advanced player or just like to have some fun, you’ll find the right shoes on this list. Pick some up and get ready to show off your skills. You’re sure to impress the competition when you fly around the court in your new shoes.