Start Spring Cleaning Early This Year

Young man cleaning with a duster

Spring cleaning can be super helpful – it allows you to deep-clean and organize parts of your home that your regular upkeep may miss. But, it can also be daunting. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed at the process of a big spring clean, use these tips to help you tackle it efficiently and stress-free this year!

Make a Detailed List

Looking at your home from an overview to see what needs to be done is where a lot of the overwhelm sets in for many people. This year, try going room by room and making a detailed plan. For example, start in the living room and plan to run a carpet cleaner, wipe down the baseboards, dust the blinds, clean the window tracks, tackle any clutter, and organize your book collection. Make a step-by-step plan for each room of the house so that you know exactly what you want to do!

Budget for Supplies and Time

Even if you’re well-stocked on cleaning supplies, make sure that you have the right organizational supplies for any organizing projects you’re planning to tackle. Be sure to have the right baskets and bins to corral everything for those projects. If you’re going to tackle any projects that need special cleaners or supplies, like paint or sanding paper, be sure to budget for those ahead of time, too.

It’s not just money that you’ll want to set aside, you’ll also want to set aside enough time to tackle your spring cleaning projects. Be sure to space it out over a couple of weekends to avoid burnout and cleaning fatigue!

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Start With a Clean Slate

Though it might seem like you would want to clean as you go, starting with a generally clean home will make completing the detailed, nitty-gritty tasks of spring cleaning much easier. Try to make sure that the beds are made, the dishes are clean, the floors are clean, and as much clutter as possible is put away. This way you’ll be able to focus on these every-once-in-awhile projects without getting caught up in the usual household chores.