US Air Guitar 2018 Championship in Nashville

Air Guitar

Do you have unbelievable air guitar skills? Then show the world just how on-point your air guitar skills are at the US Air Guitar 2018 Championship! Of course, if you aren’t ready to show off your skills, you’ll have just as much fun being a spectator. This event is full of fun, rocking music, and a great crowd there to cheer on the city’s best air guitarists!

What’s the US Air Guitar Championship?

You didn’t know there was a US Air Guitar Championship? Well, there is, and it was founded in 2003 by US Air Guitar, the official air guitar association of the United States. This organization is responsible for holding the championships, along with the qualifying, regional and final events. Believe it or not, the US has even won the world title a record of seven times! Staten Island’s Aristotle was last year’s winner and will be at the 2018 event to defend his title.

When and Where is the Championship?

The US Air Guitar 2018 Championship will be held on Saturday, May 26th at the High Watt on Cannery Row in Nashville, TN, where so many great events in the area take place! The High Watt venue is a part of Mercy Lounge that first opened in January of 2003 and quickly became a favorite of both locals and visitors alike. Located a half mile from downtown Nashville, its state of the art sound system and relaxed-environment make it one of the best live music bars in the area. Many famous performers like Adele, Alabama Shakes, Katy Perry, and Keith Urban among countless others have hit the stages at this well-known venue.

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Enter the Air Guitar Championship or Buy Your Tickets Today

Register for the US Air Guitar 2018 Championship online now! In order to compete, you must be 18 or older and also pay a $15 entry fee.  The winner of the championship will reserve their spot and receive money to travel to the National Air Guitar Championship in New York City in August!

Whether to show off your air guitar skills or to join the crowd in this rock ‘n roll experience, the US Air Guitar 2018 Championship is sure to be a memorable experience!

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