Feel The Love With These Valentine’s Day Crafts

Family Making Valentine's Day Cards Overhead

Cupid’s day is coming up and this year it’s more important than ever to shower the ones you love with gifts and appreciation. This Valentine’s Day, instead of buying cards, gifts, and decorations from a store, take the time to make your own. These items mean even more to the person they’re given to when they’re handmade. We’ve gathered a list of our four favorite Valentine’s Day crafts to share with you today.

Display Your Valentine’s Day Cards

Every year you get all these cards, and then what? They might sit in a drawer or on a table to be forgotten. This year, hang them on a homemade display board so you can constantly be reminded how much you’re loved by those around you. All you’ll need is a chicken wire frame, pink or red paint, and little clips, along with glitter, buttons, ribbons, or anything else you’d like to decorate your board with. Now put your cards up and enjoy.

Make A Baby’s Breath Heart Wreath

This stunning heart wreath will look beautiful on your front door. Grab some cardboard, pink or red spray paint, floral foam, string, glue sticks, and baby’s breath. You can use live or fake baby’s breath for this wreath. Follow the easy directions here and you’ll have a lovely front door decoration before you know it.

Decorate With A ‘You Mean The World To Me’ Globe

Easy and heartfelt, this cute globe is perfect as a decoration or a gift. Start by choosing a globe of any size. Then grab letters and heart stickers in a coordinating color. Then all you have to do is spell out your message on the globe and decorate it with hearts. That’s it!

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Set The Scene With Lace Votive Candles

Dinner by candlelight on Valentine’s Day sounds perfectly romantic. Set the scene with lace votive candles that only take one step to make. Grab a few pieces of lace and glue them around your votive candle holders. Now you’re set for a dreamy Valentine’s Day dinner.

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