Try Night Climbing And Ziplining At The Adventure Park

Try Night Climbing And Ziplining At The Adventure Park
You can see the great outdoors from a whole new perspective when you ascend into the trees at Adventure Park! The park offers a variety of challenging obstacles and exhilarating ziplines throughout the day, but you can also embark at night for a stunning, illuminated experience.

The Aerial Forest Park

The Outdoor Venture Group has taken the Aerial Forest Park concept that has become exceedingly popular in Europe and introduced it to outdoor enthusiasts in the U.S. Designed by true Alpine mountaineers, this attraction offers a unique look at our natural surroundings while testing strength, endurance, and athleticism. The park is comprised of elevated platforms throughout the forest’s tree canopy, and adventurers are challenged to navigate their way through the course via various bridges.

Elevated Adventure

Some bridges may resemble floating railroads, with long beams on either side and planks across for each careful step. Other bridges may be far trickier, like the series of independently suspended planks hanging one long, confident stride apart. While you’re free to make each move at your own pace, you can also feel the forest rush by if you choose to zipline through the canopy. While you’re always secured by a safety harness, you’ll certainly experience the thrill of exploring the woods high above the forest floor.

Night Climbing

While a day exploring the woods is hard to beat, Adventure Park offers a dazzling “Glow in the Park” experience after the sun sets on Saturdays. The courses will be illuminated by a vibrant spectrum of lights and colors, from atmospheric hues to the rope lights across each bridge. If you arrive within the last three hours of the regular day, you may enjoy the picturesque twilight experience. Whether you’re planning a creative date night or looking for a fun way to unwind after the workweek, you can take advantage of the 18-and-up after hours “Keep it LIT!” adventure, complete with glowing scenery and music in the trees. During the full moon of each month, you can also climb by the light of the moon, so remember to ask about their “Moonshine Climb.”

Make Your Plans

The forest is a popular spot, so make sure to make a reservation before visiting, and aim to arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled time. Adventure Park at Nashville is located at 801 Percy Warner Boulevard, Nashville, Tennessee 37205.

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