Take A Tour Of The Legendary Grand Ole Opry

Grand Ole Opry

The Grand Ole Opry may just be one of the most famous places in all of the Nashville area. If you’ve lived around Nashville for some time, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen a performance or two here. Therefore, you know just how amazing it can be. But what if you could see it in a whole new way? Well, now, you can. Just take a tour of the Grand Ole Opry, and you’ll see it in a completely different light. Go backstage to see where the stars hang out, and you may just start to feel like a star yourself. Here are some of the different tour options you can choose from.

Daytime Tour

If you are looking for something to do during your day off, come out to take a daytime tour of the Grand Ole Opry. These tours are available seven days a week with just a few exceptions. Call ahead if you have any questions. During this tour, video host Blake Shelton will show you around, pointing out all the cool features and telling you about interesting facts you may not know yet. When you take this tour, you will see how some of your favorite country music artists got their start.

Post-Show Tour

Are you planning on going to a show at the Grand Ole Opry anytime soon? If you are, you will probably want to take a post-show tour. Right after the stars go home, you can wander around backstage, seeing where the singers and performers you love get ready before every show. You’ll go through dressing rooms, the very special private VIP areas, and even get to see the stage in person. This is an experience you can’t miss, and it will make the performance that much better.

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VIP Tour

If you truly want to get a feel for what it must be like to be a star, you have to take the VIP tour. You’ll be backstage as everyone gets ready for the show, and you’ll even get to be on stage as the red curtain rises. This isn’t an experience that everyone will get the chance to take advantage of, so it’s definitely something you’ll want to consider if you want an incredible evening.

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