Murals In Nashville


Nashville isn’t just the country music mecca: It’s also a work of art, thanks to the local and international artists who have painted murals around the city. You can find murals painted on everything from water tanks to restaurants, turning Nashville into an outdoor art museum. Get the details on some of the best murals in Nashville and plan to visit them this summer.

Flowers Mural

No one knows who created the Flowers mural, but it is a Nashville icon. The mural is located at 2900 12th Avenue S. in Nashville and it’s a favorite spot for photographers. Grab your own camera and snap a pic of this gorgeous work of art.

Hillsboro Village Dragon Mural

David Glick and Adam Randolph originally created the Hillsboro Village Dragon mural in 1995. It started to fade over the years, so local artist Andee Rudloff gave it a fresh coat of paint in 2015 and it’s once again a burst of color. This mural is the neighborhood’s favorite landmark and it’s not uncommon to see people stopping by for a photo op. You can see it for yourself by visiting 2102 Belcourt Avenue in Nashville.

It’s Gonna Be O.K. Mural

Do you ever have too much going on and feel stressed beyond belief? You can center yourself by visiting the It’s Gonna Be O.K. mural at 3020 Charlotte Avenue. Sarah Tate created this feel-good mural, and you will have a hard time keeping the smile off your face when you view it. The whimsical flowers and fun writing will remind you that it truly is going to be OK.

Peace Love Good Deeds Mural

The artist known as Peace Love & Good Deeds created this tie-dye masterpiece that’s complete with a peace sign. It’s located at 2705 12th Avenue S., and the mural is a local favorite. Stop by and flash your own peace sign next to the mural.

Silo Mural

The Silo mural is one of the most stunning in all of Nashville. Australian artist Guido van Helton created this mural on an old grain silo that’s located at 1407 51st Avenue N. It stands in at 200 feet tall and it will bring you back to the Nashville of the past.

Smashville Mural

The Smashville mural is located inside Bridgestone Arena (501 Broadway). Country superstar Brad Paisley teamed up with Nashville artist Rob Hendon to create this stunning work of art. The mural has aggressive tones to it as a homage to the hometown Predators, while still including an ode to music. If you head to the arena to catch a hockey game or concert, be sure to get your picture taken in front of the mural.

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Take an Art Tour of Nashville

This is just a small glimpse at all the amazing murals in Nashville. Take your camera around the city so you can capture them all.

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