Toyota Car Maintenance Tips

Technician working on an oil change

If you are a proud Toyota owner, it’s no secret your vehicle was built to last. Equipped with the right parts and created by the smartest automotive designers, Toyota vehicles just keep getting better and better. Although, every vehicle requires proper maintenance, so take a look at this list to make sure you are taking proper care of your vehicle.

Read Up

Your owner’s manual is your new best friend! While every vehicle has different maintenance recommendations, it can be quite challenging to understand when it’s time for a service or how each gadget operates. Toyota owner’s manuals are clear on how to navigate through problems and which oil or gas to use, which will overall give you a better understanding of how your ride operates.

Routine Oil Changes

While newer models are now equipped with higher efficient engines, oil changes don’t have to happen as often. Furthermore, you may even be able to go anywhere from 7-10,000 miles without an oil change. Although, just because you are driving a newer vehicle doesn’t mean routine oil changes don’t apply. Oil ensures your engine is lubricated, making sure it stays in good condition. After all, routine oil changes are a lot easier on your wallet than a new engine.

Check Your Tire Pressure

If you want to make sure your tires are safe to drive on, having a tire gauge on hand will save you both money and time. While having optimal tire pressure is important when it comes to safety, it also increases fuel efficiency. Who doesn’t love to stretch their tank an extra mile? Not only does tire pressure matter but so does having your tires rotated. If you have them properly rotated based on the advice from your manual, you will get more time and mileage out of them.

Learn the Warning Signs

Whether your gas light, check engine light, or coolant light cuts on, it’s extremely important you don’t ignore your vehicle’s warning. Check your owner’s manual to find out which lights mean what, and if you can’t figure it out, our team at Nashville Toyota North is happy to help.

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Have Your Toyota Serviced At Nashville Toyota North

If you are looking for a service center you can trust, look no further than Nashville Toyota North. After all, Toyota’s are our specialty, so rest assured you’re in excellent hands. Schedule your appointment today!

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